Struct kiss3d::loader::mtl::MtlMaterial [] [src]

pub struct MtlMaterial {
    pub name: String,
    pub ambiant_texture: Option<String>,
    pub diffuse_texture: Option<String>,
    pub specular_texture: Option<String>,
    pub opacity_map: Option<String>,
    pub ambiant: Vector3<f32>,
    pub diffuse: Vector3<f32>,
    pub specular: Vector3<f32>,
    pub shininess: f32,
    pub alpha: f32,

Material informations read from a .mtl file.


Name of the material.

Path to the ambiant texture.

Path to the diffuse texture.

Path to the specular texture.

Path to the opacity map.

The ambiant color.

The diffuse color.

The specular color.

The shininess.

Alpha blending.


impl MtlMaterial

Creates a new mtl material with a name and default values.

Creates a new mtl material.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for MtlMaterial

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